You have scanned a QR-code from PiM.

This QR-code is made by a company which uses PiM QR-codes in combination with the PiM app.

Download the PiM app in the app store and install the app on your smartphone. After installation you must follow the steps to sign up or to recover your existing account. After a successful signup you can use the PiM app to scan QR-codes of companies which make use of PiM.

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PiM is an app which is provided to you by KPN. All personal information you register in PiM will be stored safe and secure by KPN and will only be shared with companies when you agree to this explicitly. Before you agree to sharing your information it will be made clear which information will be shared. This way you can always decide to agree or not before the information is shared. In the app you can always see which companies you have shared information with. You can also use the app to revoke your consent afterwards. The company then will be requested to delete your information (unless you have subscriptions or other continuing obligations with the company). This way you always have full control over your personal information.